fig 1

Rhino rendering of a building

fig 2

Perspective of a room designed in Rhino

This is an in-depth course to learn Rhinoceros, a CAD / CAM modeling program. Among all modeling programs that exist in the market, Rhinoceros may be one that allows the architect, designer, or engineer the greatest amount of  freedom, either for its precision, lightness, or compatibility with other software. Rhino (for short) also has a multitude of plug-ins and a very open community. This course will cover the program completely, and will act as a starting point for those interested in more advanced design techniques with Grasshopper. It is intended to architects, designers, engineers and anyone interested in tools for 3D modeling CAD / CAM. 

fig 3

An exercise to learn the different functionalities of Rhino

Graphic interface

Introduction to Nurbs

Good modeling practices

History Of Rhinoceros

2D Drawing Tools

Modeling Tools 3d

Editing and Manipulating Objects

File Compatibility

Record History

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of elements

Introduction to plug-in for rendering Vray